Our Soap Story!

Hello My Soap Family!
My name is Corey, I am the Owner of TxLux Soaps and the bubble mastermind behind all the products here! I was born and raised in Marion, Arkansas, but now live in Lewisville, Texas.
Ready for the best soap story of a lifetime?
Once upon a time, there was a little fella named Corey Bailey, he was locked far far away in a house in Lewisville, Texas dreaming of a fresh showered man.... KIDDING! Ultimately, there is no big story behind the mastering of all the bars of soap. I woke up one day and decided I wanted to find a hobby that kept me a little less attached to my phone. Now the name... don't ask because I have no clue where the h*ll it came from.   
It has quickly become something I am so passionate about, and I love creating new bars for each of you daily! All products are extra special, just like each one of my customers. Everything made at TxLux are all natural, free of animal fats, free of harsh chemicals and free of detergents!! My main goal is to create great products, give a good laugh, and have fun! (Naming the soaps is super fun!!)
I hope you enjoy your products, and remember our products are handmade and made with love! That means, each one of them are going to be unique. We are all different colors, shapes, and size and so are these soaps! 
Don't make this weird... wash your hands! 
With much love,
Corey the Bubble Mastermind